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Waka Tutea

Waka Tutea

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Following in the foot steps of it's big brother the Tutea is set to be the leader of the pack in the small to medium size creek boat class. With the same smooth lines and well proportioned rocker that has carried the Tuna to be the best creek boat on the market the Tutea will be taking the smaller paddler leaps and bounds in their personal paddling skills and confidence.

The Tutea is 250cm long 66cm Wide and has a volume of 270L The edges have been slightly increased to ensure the boat carries it speed through the exit of any waterfall or hole.

The boat suits paddlers in the weight category form 50kg to 75kg. It has a narrower feel and is taking these smaller paddlers to the next level.

As Evan Garcia said about the Tuna "finally I have a kayak that will allow me to improve my paddling skills and push me to the next level." We are confident that this boat is already doing just that.


Length: 2500mm

Width: 660mm

Paddler weight: 50-75kg



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